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locomo encompasses many disciplines within the realm of User Experience Design, User Centred Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design and Usability.

Since you might not know at first, what this is supposed to mean, you will find a list of offered services below, which might sound more familiar to you.

The services are grouped in two main sections: Research & Strategy and Design.

Research & Strategy

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Mind Mapping
  • Audience Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Card Sorting
  • Features Analysis
  • Benchmarking & Gap Analysis
  • Brand Analysis within the Digital Realm
  • Strategy Definition


  • Site Maps
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Webdesign
  • Paper Prototypes
  • Information Design &
    Data Visualisation
  • Interface Design
  • Service Design
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity

for the users of your product, site or device!
At the very heart of all efforts undertaken, are the actual users.

And because of this very straight approach, it is possible to deliver highly effective solutions, which stretch from highly engaging to extremely functional.


locomo has worked for huge multinational corporations and small startups - big non-governmental organisations and small community projects.

locomo has helped big ones to not overlook small details and get more comfortable by doing so, ... and locomo has enabled small ones, to first start standing on their two feet, and then grow substantially.

Maybe locomo can be some help for you. Get in touch!

Global or Local

locomo tries to take a universal approach to its work.

That means, that one is very much aware, what is going on in this world, i.e. which global influences we all are exposed to.

But it also means, that one is pretty much aware of the potential impact of the undertaken work beyond the wider local context.

With more than fourteen years of experience ranging from small to huge projects one can assuringly state: There is no project like the other.

Each project has its own challenges. Therefore each project is approached with meticulous attention to detail.

The Process

While experience tells its own story about the importance of carefully set up projects, locomo generally tries to present the stake holders in a project very quickly with first results of our work.

By doing so, locomo tries to convince everybody of a particular approach at the first given opportunity in a project - even if it sometimes could mean that one has to widen the approach as a result. Having had the chance to have a glimspe of a tangible prospect, underpinned with real world data, helps to convince the toughest sceptics.

From that point onwards a road map can be developed, which accomodates the iteration steps needed to successfully complete the project in the envisaged time frame.

The First Step

Since locomo doesn't want to waist anybody's time, we would like to suggest to write an email and state three things for the beginning:

  • The industry or area you are
    working in
  • What you are planning to do
  • Your name and preferred times and ways of communication

Looking forward hearing from you.

Interactive Infographics

In an expanding world, where more information is asking for attention than ever before, the communication of complex correlations with simplicity and ease is something we are all longing for.

The visualistion of data and the dependencies amongst various data sets is something, locomo has specialised in. If you are interested what locomo could do for you, please drop a line.

locomo realises interactive infographics with cutting edge client side technologies.

Interactive Infographics

Projects & Clients

MyHammer Vodafone Voith
Cortal Consors Volkswagen BBC Xing
Groupon Telekom BASF ERGO